El Pais: Poland, Hungary s against European budgets

26 November 2020

Prime Ministers Morawiecki and Orbán close ranks on their respective countries' veto of Community funds, but show possible avenues of exit to unlock the money. "The government's position does not reflect the whole of Hungary," analyst Gabor Scheiring says by phone. He warns: "In the short term, Orbán may not need an injection of money like Spain or Italy, because the Hungarian economy is in better health, but in the long run the picture can be complicated."

Read the article here (in Spanish).

Emerging-Europe: Authoritarian governments: How much do investors care?

19 October 2020

One of the most common misconceptions regarding authoritarian regimes is the widespread belief that they are opposed by business. The notion that authoritarian leaders are anti-business populists against economic liberalisation and globalisation is, indeed, very far from reality. In contrast, a thorough analysis of authoritarian policies reveals that transnational corporations and business leaders at times become strongholds of the electoral base supporting such leaders.

Read the analysis here.

Bocconi Knowledge: Life Experience, Science and Passion: Europe Funds New Research on Health and Populism

27 April 2020

Gabor Scheiring has been an activist, a member of the Hungarian Parliament and the shadow minister of finance before completing his PhD at Cambridge. Now a postdoc researcher at Bocconi, he has obtained a Marie Curie fellowship to study the relation between economic change, public health and populism.

Read the interview here.

Népszava: „A demokrácia csak ott működőképes, ahol osztálykompromisszumra épül”

28 December 2019

Scheiring Gábor „Egy demokrácia halála” címmel könyvet írt az Orbán-rendszerről. A kötet új definíciót ad a rezsimről, miközben annak társadalmi hátterét is újrarajzolja.

Read the interview here (in Hungarian).

The Week: Hungary's 'illiberal democracy'

22 April 2018

Viktor Orban is leading Hungary away from the rule of law and human rights — but with popular support. How? Here's everything you need to know.

Read the article here.

Foreign Policy in Focus: Making Green Cool Again in Hungary

22 May 2015

The green group Zofi revitalized the environmental movement in Hungary.

Read the article here.

Reuters: Hungarians protest against PM outside parliament

22 May 2015

Opposition MPs chained themselves to parliament barrier. Ruling Fidesz party passes laws on elections and economy. IMF/EU talks in limbo: new deal key to market confidence.

Read the article here.

Eurozine: Europe's Periphery

24 January 2011

The decimation of indigenous industry in central and eastern Europe has created a low-wage hinterland on the fringes of the highly developed core, writes Carl Rowlands. If the societies of central-eastern Europe are indeed in transition, it is very unclear what the destination will be.

Read the article here.

The Economist: Election season in central Europe
Crossed words

8 April 2010

This year sees elections in many countries in central Europe. The results may not change all that much. (An article that clearly misunderstood Hungarian politics.)

Read the article here.

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