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Gabor Scheiring

Gábor Scheiring is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at Georgetown University Qatar, currently on sabbatical as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University, Center for European Studies. His research addresses the lived experience and political economy of contemporary capitalist transformations. Specifically, he analyses how economic shocks fuel inequalities in health and well-being and how these inequalities affect the power dynamics and changing social coalitions underlying political-economic regimes. His book, The Retreat of Liberal Democracy (Palgrave, 2020), winner of the BASEES 2021 Book Award, shows how working-class dislocation and business elite co-optation enable illiberalism in Hungary. His articles on economic shocks and well-being show how privatization and deindustrialization amplify mental and physical suffering, undermining support for liberal democracy. His work has appeared in leading journals such as The Lancet Global Health, Socio-Economic Review, Theory and Society, Cambridge Journal of Economics, and the Annual Review of Sociology. As a member of the Hungarian Parliament (2010-2014), he advocated for a socially just transition to sustainability.

Recent academic publications

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